Mini ERP & CRM Implementation and Management


In today’s competitive domain enterprises are supposed to make their business processes streamlined, competitive and efficient. i4acmmosmedia deals with business solutions in diverse industries. With our world class services you can stay focused on your core business objectives while we deliver value aligned to your strategic goals out of your ERP and CRM Implementations.

How i4acmmosmedia helps

We have a highly dedicated team of consultants who will assist you with consulting, implementation, user-training, post-implementation and support for your Business Solution services.

Working as a strategic partner with us will provide you you an unprecedented edge of being agile, efficient, productive and competitive.

We also cater to following Business Solution services –

Enterprise Resource Planning (Microsoft Dynamics AX)


Enterprise Resource Planning implementation is a crucial need of today's technology and business areas. ERP solutions support in the automation of business activities and speeding up transactions across organizations. i4acmmosmedia is aware of the current scenario and therefore we provide efficient and customized ERP solutions implementation services. 

i4acmmosmedia work towards providing the facility of ERP outsourcing to the clients. We will be your outsourcing partners providing you constant support and maintenance to the ERP solution tailored for you. We will also provide additional solutions for the entire ERP development and implementation life cycle. As ERP solutions cost a lot, we provide excellent planning to minimize the costly risks in ERP implementation. i4acmmosmedia will develop an application that is best suited for your business and work environment. We develop high-quality ERP solutions that are cost-effective and according to your calculated budget. We consider ERP solutions as the best possible way of giving endless results to your business by - 

  • Facilitating up to date decision making
  • Saving lot of time and resource in integrating the different business functions
  • Avoiding the gap between the demand and service providing capability of your organization
  • Increasing the efficiency in achieving goals, objectives and targets
  • Establishing better communication channels among the various departments of the organization


CRM Implementation


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is one of the important requirements for organizations. Customer Relationship Management enables organizations to manage and maintain relationships with their existing as well as potential customers.

We partner with Microsoft which is one of the leading industries in CRM services for their product Dynamics CRM. Our expertise lie in planning, analyzing, consulting and implementing CRM services for enterprises. CRM implementation is company-wide strategy implementation for an organization and we help you achieve these goals by working closely with the different stake holders of the company. 

We also deal with integrating CRM solutions to the mobile platform. The sales and marketing teams in this competitive environment are always in the need of easy and quick access to customer information. We help you plan, prioritize and implement strategies in order to channelize your customer information through different means to your employees through the enterprise CRM system. 

Proven track records of Dynamics CRM implementation

i4acmmosmedia has been facilitating the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution for years now. We have been providing our consulting and implementation services to various verticals ranging from Real Estate and construction, Contracting and hiring, Software consulting, Education etc. We have been providing following services to these clients.

  • Business process consulting
  • Implementation planning
  • Solution architecting.
  • Development and designing custom solutions
  • Installation and implementation services.

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